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DistortedFate started deep in California's Antelope Valley in 2006. Drummer Brian Banner and guitarist Bob Spears had played together for years in a speed metal band called Forewarned, and continued to jam together. Long-time friend Mike Weinberg had done some guest vocals for Forewarned in the past, and when he came to the studio for the first time, the trio wrote 2 songs and realized they had something special. Next, the long search for a bass player began. One day, Brian brought along Aaron Cross, a bandmate from the Iron Maiden tribute Seventh Son (and drummer for death metal band Epicedium). Aaron wrote the bass lines for the 2 songs in a couple of hours. The earth shifted, forces aligned, and DF was born.

The band cut its fangs at several shows in the L.A. area and released a homemade demo in 2008. They were focused on hitting the big time and realized they needed professionally produced tracks. Luckily, DF hooked up with an amazing producer, Matt Gruber (Queensryche, Scorpions), and their 10-song CD "Haunting" was completed in September 2010.

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